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North Cyprus Tourist Guide - General Information
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General Informtaion about North Cyprus Holidays

Entry Requirements
To enter the TRNC you need a valid passport. Prior visas are not required as they are given at the entry point to Turkish Cyprus free of charge (visitors who do not wish to have the visa put in their passports may get a special visa form). The maximum visa duration is 3 months. Visitors entering the country on a tourist visa are not allowed to work.
Note: As all the airplanes arrive in North Cyprus via Turkey, you may need a visa for Turkey, in case you are disembarking from your plane. Please apply to the Turkish Embassy or Consulate in your country to check visa requirements. Transit travellers do not need Turkish visa.

Entry Points
Airports: Ercan ( Nicosia), Gecitkale ( Famagusta).
Ports: Kyrenia, Famagusta.

Duty Free Allowances
Tourists are allowed to import and export duty-free photo and video cameras, sport and camping equipment, as well as 400 cigarettes per adult, 500 grammes of tobacco or 50 cigars, 1 litre of wine, up to 100cl. of perfume.
Note: It is strictly prohibited to export antiques or archaeological artefacts, as well as import weapons, radio telephones and drugs.

Since 2005 the official currency of the TRNC has been Turkish New Lira. Symbol: YTL (Yeni Türk Lirası).
Banknotes: 100, 50, 20, 10, 5, 1 YTL. Coins: 1 YTL; 50, 25, 10, 5, 1 Ykr (new kuruş).

Foreign Exchange
Eurocheques, travellers’ cheques, and foreign currencies are usually accepted or exchanged in banks or exchange offices. You may also use most of the credit cards to pay in the hotels, supermarkets, etc.
Note: While no restrictions are placed on imports of foreign exchange, amounts exceeding 1,000 US dollars should be declared to customs upon entry.

Accommodation and Cyprus Villas for Rent
A wide range of accommodation is offered: hotels, hotel bungalows, hotel apartments, holiday complexes, inns. Besides, there is a wide range of Cyprus villas for rent.

Taxis are widely available both as a hotel and private service. Rates vary from 10 YTL to 40 YTL (between towns or to the airport). Although there are set fees for the taxi services, it is better to agree on the cost with the driver before you get into a taxi.

Car Rental
Car rental services are offered by numerous companies, as well as Cyprus hotels. British or international driver license is required. Rented cars have red number plates.

The driving in North Cyprus is on the left (this has remained since the British colonisation). Traffic and road signs are international. Maximum speed is 60 km per hour. Seat belts must be fastened. Drivers are prohibited to drive under the influence of alcohol (the limit is 50 mgr).

Public Transport
There is a well organised transport system of buses and mini buses between all main towns of the TRNC. In addition you may get so-called “dolmush”, a shared taxi which may take 6-8 passengers who divide the cost of services between each other.

Gas Stations
Gas stations work from 7.30 till 19.00.

Country code for North Cyprus is +90 392 followed by the local Cypriot number. City codes: Nicosia – 22, Kyrenia – 81, Famagusta – 36, Lefke – 72, Guzelyurt – 71.
Public telephone booths are available and telephone cards can be purchased at the Telecommunications Office.

Emergency Phones
Ambulance - 112
Police - 155
Fire - 199
Please check emergency services link for more details.

Post offices are opened on Monday-Friday: from 8.00 till 13.00 and from 14.00 till 17.00; on Saturday: from 9.00 till 12.00. Incoming mail should be suffixed Mersin-10, Turkey and NOT North Cyprus.

220/240 volts A/C. A standard three pin British plug is used.

North Cyprus Tourist Information
North Cyprus tourist information offices are opened in all the major towns. Tour guides, hotel receptionists, taxi drivers and the locals are also a good source of information.

Opening Hours
Summer: 08.00-13.00 and 16.00-20.00
Winter: 09.00-13.00 and 14.00-18.00
Summer: 08.00-12.00 (Monday-Friday)
Winter: 08.00-12.00 and 14.00-16.00 (Monday-Friday)
Public Offices:
Summer: 07.30-14.00 and 15.30-18.00 (Monday), 07.30-14.00 (Tuesday-Friday)
Winter: 08.00-13.00 and 14.00-17.00 (Monday-Friday)

1 oke = 400 dirhem = 1.27 kg
1 liquid oke = 1.28 litres
1 Cyprus litre = 3.18 litres
1 arsin = 61 cm
1 donum = 1,338 sq m

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